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MNtality a.k.a. Matt Jarvi is an activist artist from Frogtown Saint Paul, Minnesota. He has shared the stage with artists such as: Prince Paul, Freddy Fresh, Toki Wright, Heiruspecs, Big Quarters, Truth Maze, Dessa, Sims and Mike Mictlan of Doomtree. He is also a core member of the groups, Kool 9 Lives, Fancy Clowns and STOP! tha Black Sheep.

In the fall of 2012, after he graduates from McNally Smith College of Music, Matt Jarvi will be one of the very first people ever to graduate with a Degree in Hip-Hop Studies! His goals are to perform, teach and bring the culture of Hip-Hop all around the world, always creating with new people.

Before going to college he studied art for social change at Penumbra Theatre in Saint Paul, gaining a broad perspective of what it truly means to make art, and how to utilize the theatre and the stage in the most effective ways. MNtality strongly believes that collective creation (collaborating) with true artistic expression is the only solution to making this world a more plentiful and peaceful place to live.

On May 12, 2012 he released his very first solo project called, FireDanceClownsShoesButterflies which is primarily self-produced and features numerous collaborations…and it’s only $4 if you buy it online! Find it here-> www.mntality.bandcamp.com. There, you may also purchase MNtality™ Little Book of Life Stuff, a 41 page bound collection of poems.

If you had to sum MNtality a.k.a. Matt Jarvi up in a few words, it would be this: emcee/poet/actor/drummer/producer/director-of-energy/high-on-soul/part-man-part-woman/friend.

Stay up to date with MNtality on Twitter: @MNtality, or with his poetry blog: www.writeoutloud.net/blogs/MNtality.
For booking information, email bookmntality@gmail.com
For personal inquiry matt.jarvi@gmail.com



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