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My name is Dave Osbourne, born on February 1st 1973, at rest district, Milk River, Clarendon. I started singing at a tender age of five (5) and making music on the bottom of my mothers cheese pans. I had another passion, which was reciting poems that my mother taught me for church functions. When I was a year older, I had the opportunity then to sing for open functions like at church of God ground of Truth and Rest all age school. My mom took ill shortly after and my dad was not around, my next door neighbour by the name of Starky became my guardian. This man did everything for me as a boy, and I would always remember when he told me,” Boy you have great talent in singing and performing. He was very anxious to help me improve on these skills, so he began to teach me.

The very first song he taught me was me love in a me heart just boil up for she. When I had mastered this song, he took me out one evening to sing with his sound system owned by Black Beard. He placed me on top of a bucket, which I was to perform from and said to me sing. That night I sang my belly out, and the crowd loved it and could not stop shouting, sing little d, sing. I continued to sing for those little geet together and got better and better.

Years passed by, I then decided to change my stage name to junior osbourne, this was probably about the age of ten (10) years, I sang with artist like Nickodemus, super cat, cocoa tea and bonnie general. The selector at the time was Gold Finger Danny Dread. Life started to get rough and so I moved to Kingston to live with my uncle. There I met Brrry G and Bammi Man at JBC Radio Station. Barry G took me to sing with his sound system, wha Dat. Later that same month I moved to 1 Robert Crescent, Kingston 5 to live with Sugar Mynot who owned a sound system, Youth Man Promotion. There I sang with artist like Color Man and Yammi Bolo.

Music was not booming for me, so I had to look towards finding others ways to make a living and decided to enter to the Tastee Talent Contest and also look for other line of work. Luckily I won the contest that year, and boy that was a sweet win, I felt so good, things started to look bright. From that win I was all set to win some more and soon after someone told me about the J.C.D.C pop and variety festival and I signed up for it . The year was 1990, I was 17 years old at that time, and thought to myself if I won that one I would be happier than ever, and you know what, I did indeed walked away with the Gold award with the song “Boss have right Worker have right too”. This was great; however I tried getting a record, which became frustrating. I got so much run around going from one recording studio to another, until I met a man by the name Black Beard, who assisted me in producing a record, I sang on All Star Nanny Goat Album. This album consisted of songs from the artist such as Shaka Demus & Pliers, Skullman and Fragga Ranks/ Red Rose. The song I did was ranked at number 1 and 2 throughout the Caribbean.. from there I began doing shows around the Caribbean.

My former manager was Louise Bennett who now deceased. She managed many popular reggae artists such as Culture, Ninja Man, Ghost, Barkey and Wicka Man. My latest release featured Beenie Man and Kurt Davis. At present am living between St Kitts and Jamaica, working on an album that would consist of the newly released single Good Morning Beautiful whish was originally recorded by Steve Ally. With this album release am hoping that my goal of becoming a recognized world artist will come through the Caribbean.

After the release of GOOD MORNING BEAUTIFUL, I discovered that my life was taking a different turn and I noticed that I began to love the things of God more. Inasmuch as I loved the things of God, I did not have the strength to stand. I have been to so many churches but still could not stand. One fine day, an African friend of mine told me and invited me to a crusade coming up. I attended; the Pastor that preached was Pastor Errol Hal, a Jamaican born. While he was ministering, I whispered a prayer to God,…Father, save me, fill me with your anointing ,use me to save your people around the world, singing, preaching and prophesying. These prayers came to my heart out of desperation because I knew that I wanted something more real than I have had. Pastor Hal inspired me for that because I admired God in him.As the message kept going on, there was an altar call, at first I was so reluctant to go, my friend kept insisting I go but I willfully refused to. While the pastor kept repeating the altar call, he stopped and said,” I am looking for a young man, God has been waiting and looking for him for 7 years and he is so strong in my spirit. I will not close this service until he steps out. Meanwhile the altar was full of people, men and women but he kept waiting and looking.

While I was seated something began to boil up in me and I began to tremble. I could not take it no more so I got up and sneaked into the crowd. As soon as I entered to stand, he said looking straight at me,’ yes you young man, its you I have been waiting for. He parted the crowd in two and I was left in the middle and the called down the power of God on me. I felt something so strong hit me, I fell to the ground and began to scream because the anointing of God was so strong and I realized that I was speaking in a language I did not understand and that was all I could remember until I watched the video. When I caught myself I knew something has changed within me.
From that day up to this day my life has changed and God has been faithful and has been working through me to touch lives and change destinies.

Music has always been my passion ever since I was a little boy, so I decided to switch from reggae to gospel. So I am preaching, singing and prophesying into peoples lives.
Now entering into the gospel! Behold the new image of God himself..still Junior Osbourne A.K.A Devils Trampler. I am a real man of God, my life has just began..watch me, I’m out for fire. Watch me I am out for the holy ghost fire!!! Its born in me.. it a grow in me..and I know it a manifest through me! The lord is my light and my salvation. who shall I fear, not the Devil! because am the Devils Trampler !!! Me no play with Satan! Me no play with the Devil! I am into the Christian life for FIRE..FIRE..FIRE!





Email vividpromo7@gmail.com

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