KASAMBU Featuring Bertram Ras Mandito Johnson & Dr. El. Christina Sinclair – Andersen



Dr. Christina Sinclair-Andersen was the first Maroon appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs in our 276 history. In 2007 she was also appointed Maroon Secretary of State.
In 2011, Akan Kingdoms Federation Ghana West Africa made an historical appointment in appointing her the First Crown Ambassador to Jamaica & Caricom as Liaison between the African Continent Kingdoms Federation and Africans marooned in the Diaspora.

Dr. Sinclair has lived, trained and worked extensively in the U.S. and U.K. She has been one of the foremost authorities on Early Childhood Sexual Trauma in the United States, where, as a Court appointed Mediator and Expert Witness, she was instrumental in helping to get legislation passed for the protection of children, and setting guidelines upon which paedophiles and other sexual predators are prosecuted. Incidentally, her Doctoral Dissertation read, “Early Childhood Sexual Abuse is a Catalyst for Criminal Behaviour”.
She holds specialized certificates in Substance Abuse, Nutrition, Hypnosis and Sports Psychology from Michigan State University, Stanford University, and Emery University Omni Institute of Hypnosis

Dr. Sinclair is also the publisher of “The Testament of Rastafari…..Unlocking the King James Version”, by Ras Mandito, currently available on www.lulu.com. This book is expected to be followed-up with another called “Peculiar People….the Akan Jamaican”. She is also a Columnist with Modern Ghana Newspaper…sample articles : ‘’The Jamaican Akan Root “, ”Republic of Kasambu…Open Appeal to President Obama”, ”Judah Can Run” and ”Come Out of Her My People”.
Having also worked as a US Military Special Forces Trauma Specialist in PSTD cases, it is a cruel irony to now find such overwhelming history and evidence of these in and amongst my people, including our Police Force.

I believe that I might be the most capable and qualified person in Jamaica at this time to really expound on these issues, and that I should be amongst the foremost authorities on Mental Health, Sexual Abuse, and their long-term effects on our society.

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